Second ‘My Hero Academia’ Animated Movie Hits Japan Winter 2019

While the USA celebrates its comics and related hobbies with C2E2, Japan is celebrating anime with AnimeJapan 2019. During the 2019 PLUS ULTRA STAGE event, which focuses on the smash manga and anime hit My Hero Academia (about a school for training kids with quirks, aka powers), fans were greeted with some good news. Not only will fans get a new season of the TV show (which also streams in the USA and airs on Toonami), but a new animated movie will also be headed to Japanese theaters.

No details of the story were spilled, but original manga author Kohei Horikoshi will again be supervising the production of the movie, and designing new characters. The first film’s director Kenji Nagasaki will also be back for the second film, and so will the TV character designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi and composer Yuuki Hayashi. No date was given for the film, just a season, this coming Winter.

During the event, a very brief teaser with no new footage was shown (in Japanese):

Also to commemorate the announcement, Horikoshi created a sketch:

It’s unknown if the second movie will make its way to our shores like the first movie did, but looking at the popularity of the manga (it often charts near the top of the Bookscan rankings), there is a good chance it will. If news breaks that it will head our way, we’ll let you know. Plus Ultra!

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