C2E2 ’19: New Marvel Titles Announced At The Diamond Retailer Event

Somehow our invitation to the Diamond Retailer Event was lost in the mail again, perhaps this time our name change affected things? Anyway, while new Marvel series were not announced at the Diamond Retailer Event, there were a one-shot, a few annuals, and a mini-series revealed at the event.

First up is a follow-up to the classic 4-issue mini-series Marvels (no, not Marvels: Eye of the Camera). Back are the original Marvels creators, writer Kurt Busiek and artist Alex Ross for this one-shot celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original tale. No release date or story details were revealed for this one-shot, but the story will take place after the events of the original series.

Next up was the announcement of new annuals appearing this Summer. Six of the annuals will feature the mixed-up heroes which were featured as part of the Infinity Warps issues tying in to last Fall’s Infinity Wars event. Each annual will feature one of the main warped characters from last time (Soldier Supreme, Weapon Hex, Arach-Knight, Ghost Panther, and Iron Hammer) and we guess one more yet to be named. No artists were named for the stories, but Al Ewing will be writing the annuals which start in July.

Finally, Marvel will continue celebrating its 80th anniversary with a new mini-series. The History of the Marvel Universe will chronicle… the “entire history” of the Marvel Universe (surprise!) in just six issues. Writer Mark Waid and artists Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez, will be telling the tale. Covers will be provided by Steve McNiven. No release date was given for this mini-series.

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