C2E2 ’19: Marvel’s Next Event Is ‘Absolute Carnage’

Marvel‘s newest event — The War of the Realms — has just begun, so of course the House of Ideas has to start plugging their next event. So, sorry, spoilers! the Marvel Universe is not completely destroyed. Anyway, the Summer event for Marvel will be the Spidey-adjacent Absolute Carnage.

Yep Cletus Kasady is back as the crazy symbiote combo Carnage, and so will supposedly anyone who has ever worn a symbiote (which is a lot since there were stories like Venomized and The Venom Bomb in Mighty Avengers). Apparently everyone is a target of Kasady in this upcoming event (isn’t that kind of normal?). The event will have its roots in the Spider-Man Free Comic Book Day issue, out May 5, but the event proper will start in August. Writer Donny Cates will team up with artist Ryan Stegman, and colorist Frank Martin to bring the Carnage this Summer.

Cates announced the event via a video at the Diamond Retailer Summit where other Marvel titles were teased:

Absolute Carnage promotional image by Ryan Stegman


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