The Second Volume Of Aftershock’s Cleverly Titled Anthology Shock To Release In June

The second volume of Aftershock Comics’ anthology series Shock has been announced for June 26, 2019, weighing in at 160 pages for $34.99

Creators attached to the anthology include R.L. Stine, Garth Ennis, Cullen Bunn, Russ Braun, Marguerite Bennet, Juan Doe, Jill Thompson, Sam Kieth, Aaron Douglas, Cliff Richards, Jim Starlin, Larry Stroman, Jamal Igle, Ray Fawkes, Joe Pruett, Kevin J. Anderson, Steve Rasnic Tem, Andrei Bressan, Tony Harris, Francesco Francavilla, Darko Macan, Don Handsfield, Phil Hester, and Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb.

“When I started putting together the first volume of SHOCK I thought it would be a one-time event. I’d gather some great creators and allow them to tell some fun and intriguing short stories and that would be that. But, the first volume was met with such great enthusiasm and was received so well that that idea of doing additional volumes only made sense. Which is fine by me, as I’ve always loved the anthology format and have throughout my career embraced the challenge of gathering the best talent and allowing them to tell short, yet entertaining stories.”

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