Disney Brings Back Lucasfilm Games!

Dusting off some of the cobwebs, Disney is looking to bring back Lucasfilm Games (the predecessor to the more famous LucasArts). The publisher which had numerous PC hits in the 80s to early 90s (Monkey Island series, Maniac Mansion, Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade) before the transformation to video game titan it was until the Disney buyout in 2013. Only two LucaArts properties were handled since the buyout Sam & Max (which was via Telltales Games) and giving the Star Wars licence to EA, who have since only churned out two meager games in those six years. Not only that, but the two Battlefront games were met with controversy upon release.

Suddenly today, Disney posted the job openings for producers, marketing coordinators, art directors, and other major roles for the relaunched subdivision. Given the name itself, it suggests the company will handle the brands NOT-Star Wars related. But this is really just hearsay, as Disney hasn’t really offered much in announcements on what the newly recreated video game company will be doing.

Other than of course, hitting our nostalgic buttons of the classic games of yore it gave us.

If anymore details are known, we’ll fill you in on them.

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