Superman: Year One to Start Dicking Around in June!

Hey remember DC Comics‘ Black Label for more mature comics involving their characters? That kind of crashed and burned when Batman’s dick made headlines? Now it’s just mature edgy violence without any nudity (so basically a current DC Comic).

The first second non-Batman comic being released for the label (the first was supposed to be The Other History of the DC Universe before it was pulled in January for possible Batdick reasons) is coming in June with Superman: Year One. Writer Frank Miller and Artist John Romita Jr. will be the “definitive take” on the origins of the Man of Steel. Since you know John Bryne, Mark Waid, and Geoff Johns takes weren’t definitive enough.

The first issue of the comic will hit in June with the second issue arriving August with the final issue in October. Of course, being that this is the Black Label, and barring Superman flashing his dick around causing the comic to be delayed until next year. But then again this is Frank Miller who we’re still waiting for the final issues of All-Star Batman & Robin to come out (it’s been what ten years since the last issue of that?).

Here’s the three covers revealed for the comic:

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