James Gunn Reloaded Back Into Director for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’!

Last year the biggest controversy amongst the geek world (even winning the Most Maddening Moment of the 2018) was writer/director James Gunn being fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 due to right-wing trolls finding old tweets he had made (which were known before) and raging unholy hell about them.

The aftermath was loud and noisy on the end of numerous Hollywood creators particularly with Guardians cast member Dave Batista publicly defending numerous times over along with the cast uniting to get Gunn back as director. However Disney stood firm with their decision pushing the third film back way past it’s original scheduled release date (next year).

Some headway was made with Disney allowing the script Gunn had previously written for the film. Not soon after, Warner Bros. jumped on Disney’s mistake and signed Gunn to write/direct Suicide Squad 2 (which is still scheduled for it’s August 6, 2021 release). You’d think that be it.

Today Deadline reported and confirmed that Disney has decided to reinstate Gunn back as director for the film. Not only that production will commence on the movie once Gunn finishes on Suicide Squad 2 (which will get the ball rolling later this year).

How did this all happen? What made Disney change their minds after almost a year? Deadline also is reporting that Disney head Alan Horn basically did so; due to the way Gunn handled himself throughout the entire controversy. That and, stating no one else could fill the role of director for the franchise as Gunn had done.

So there we have it. The final end to this entire saga and it ends on a happy note.

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