‘Detective Pikachu’ Gets Pulpy With A Graphic Novel

Detective Pikachu, the coffee-drinking and word-speaking version of everyone’s favorite electric mouse Pokémon, started out life as a many a Pokémon does, in the world of videogames. He will soon be making his way to the big screen in a hybrid animated/live-action movie loosely based on the game called POKÉMON Detective Pikachu, May 10th. He will also make his way to the printed (and digital) page as a POKÉMON Detective Pikachu graphic novel.

Legendary Comics (yes, affiliated with the movie production company producing the film) will be bringing Detective Pikachu and his friend Tim Goodman (played by Justice Smith in the movie) to comics “inspired” by the movie, which has the pair searching for Goodman’s father in Rhyme City. The graphic novel will be written by Brian Buccellato with art by Nelson Daniel and will be released this Summer after the movie hits screens.

We’ll update you Pokémon fans if anything new evolves.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu promotional image

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