Antarctic Press June 2019 Solicitations

Exciting Comics #3 (full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Exciting Comics now brings you four stories for the price of one! Bill Williams and Matthew Weldon, creators of the best-selling hit Punchline, bring you a teaser of their newest creation, Mary Miracle! Also this issue, the Golden Age classic Crimebuster is reborn, Madam Mask faces Gemini one last time in a climactic battle, and Black Jaq goes up against the Revenge Syndicate—and maybe in over her head!

Exciting Comics #3 Miracle Variant (full color, 32 pgs., $9.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Various
Cover: Matt Weldon
Marvel at this fantastic variant that’ll strike your fancy like magic lightning! You can get your copy with one magic word (to us or your retailer): Please! But supplies won’t last an eternity, so strike now to place your order!

Gold Digger #267 (monthly series, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Fred Perry
A dark shadow has fallen across “Futility”, a lower region of the omniverse so close and yet a universe away from Earth. Here, once-powerful War-crafters and Arch-entities wallow in despair under the iron fist of their new overlord, Gina Diggers, who has seemingly given up hope on ever returning home and has taken out her frustrations on the fiends who once called her “slave”! Only one soul dares to challenge her now…one armed with a toy pistol and a familiar look in her eye!

Gold Digger FREDeral Reserve Brick (softcover TPB, full color, $59.99 U.S.)
Story/Art Fred Perry
ISBN: 978-0-930655-73-0
The main Gold Digger series has reached over 260 issues, and that only begins to mine the motherlode of awesome produced by Fred Perry. We’ve dug deep into the vaults to collect a true trove of treasures, our FREDeral Reserve: Gold Digger spinoffs and bonus materials never before collected in bound form! There’s no need to break into Fort Knox for this bounty; we’re bringing it to you in one shiny, heavy block—no bull-ion!

Konnichiwa, Kaiju-kun #1 (of 6) (miniseries, b&w, 32 pgs., $3.99)
Story & Art: LilLac
Prepare for a J-Popzilla blend of retro-manga delight! Japan, the early 1970s: The idol phenomenon has begun, and the competition between talents in the industry is very intense. One top group, a trio of sisters, is eager for promised fame and fortune, but first must follow an odd order from their CEO: Join the Earth Defense Force and titanic hero Ultra38 to protect Earth from giant monsters!

Leave on the Light #1 (of 3) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99)
Story: Bradley Golden & George Aguilar
Art: Alex Sarabia
Cover: Helmut Racho; Flip Cover: Oscar Pinto
Brace yourself for a shocker of a horror story! In a small town near New York, an undead serial killer has begun claiming the lives of children by using the city’s electrical system.

Leave on the Light #1 Foil Variant (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $9.99)
Story: Bradley Golden & George Aguilar
Art: Alex Sarabia
Cover: Helmut Racho; Flip Cover: Oscar Pinto
Both versions of Leave on the Light #1 will have you flip for their Lights On/Lights Off flip covers, but we amp it up with this special foil edition. You’ll definitely want to leave on the light for this!

Offbeats TPB (softcover TPB, full color, 96 pgs., $19.99)
Story: John Ward
Art: Giles Crawford
Collects Offbeats #1-4
It’s Tintin meets Tarantino in this 1950’s crime noir! A young man tries to save a woman from a vicious street gang, but ends up needing to be rescued by a petty crook who introduces him to a whole new world!

Punchline #8 (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
While on a secret mission high over the streets of Seaholm, Versema gets busted by the deadly Atomic Butterfly. Who will survive this titanic contest?

Punchline #8 Patriotic Variant (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $9.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
Get ready to have your mind read, white and blown! This patriotic variant features a triumphant triple-crossover between three of A.P.’s hottest titles: Punchline, Rags, and Black Hops! They’re bound to sell like fireworks, so flag down your local retailer and make a declaration for your order today!

Strong Box: The Big Bad Book of Boon #1 (of 8) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99)
Story: H. Thomas Altman
Art: Sebastian Sala
Marked 4 Murder! 1980. A jogger is dead, killed very strangely. With fists and fury, grizzled homicide detective Frank Boon must team up with inter-dimensional beings to battle through the back alleys and bureaucracy of Chugwater County, U.S.A. and solve the case!

William the Last: Fight and Flight TPB (softcover TPB, full color, 96 pgs., $19.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Brian Shearer
Collects William the Last: Fight and Flight #1-4
In this exciting new chapter of William the Last, Ella finds an unexpected cell mate while imprisoned in the city. Meanwhile, William sneaks away to rescue her using stolen Hawk Rider Armor.


Planet 9 #1 (of 4) (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99)
Story: Matt Spradlin
Art: Tariq Hassan
A mysterious planet on the far side of the galaxy has come back into Earth’s view after thousands of years. Its visitors want our help in order to preserve their way of life, but their true motives will bring our very existence toward dark conclusions. Our biggest questions about who we are and what lies ahead once we pass on to the other side will be answered. But be careful of the answers you seek… the answers may be terrifying!

Team MOBILE Vol. 2 #1 (of 3) (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Matthew Spradlin & Jonathan Kendrick
Art: Larry “Spike” Jarrell
UPC: 61072120042100411
The story of Team MOBILE takes a more serious turn as the group meets with tragedy, only to be reborn in a trial by fire! The stakes are higher, and as one of the team rises to become a leader, another will betray the group in an attempt to bring the entire operation down. Welcome to the new Team MOBILE!

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