Noah Hawley’s ‘Doctor Doom’ Movie Might Still be Doomed?

The Doctor Doom live-action film might be dead/or is there actual life to it? Ever since the project was announced waaaaay back in 2017 during SDCC, Noah Hawley’s attempt at doing the character justice has several hurdles in it’s way. The biggest being of course, Disney’s acquisition of Fox Studios and all it’s properties (which go in effect next week Wed). That of course froze the project going any further than the script Hawley wrote.

Still, (per the Hollywood Reporter) Hawley confirmed that he talked to Marvel film head honcho Kevin Fiege who said, “Are you still working on it?” and Hawley replied “Should I still be working on it?” But no concrete answer was forthcoming.

But given that Fiege expressed interest in the project does possibly suggest that there might be a possibility of a solo Doctor Doom movie in the future.

So there you have it. Some hope for those looking to go to a cinema and see a movie about a man named DOOM.

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