It’s Possible An Animated ‘What If?’ Series Is In The Works For Disney+

It looks like there are more Marvel animated series in the works after last month’s report of four series — MODOK, Hit-Monkey, Tigra & Dazzler, and Howard the Duck, which will culminate in The Offenders special — are  heading to Hulu. This time, movie website /Film is reporting that an animated series based on the What If? comic series is headed to a different streaming platform, the upcoming Disney+ service.

Though many live-action Marvel series are rumored to be in gestation for Disney+, only one Marvel live-action series has been confirmed, one focused on Loki starring the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Tom Hiddelston. This is the first rumored Marvel animated series for the streaming service. The series would be based on the What If? comic series that told tales of how the Marvel comic universe might be different if events had played out differently. The first volume started with the question “What If? Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four?” (which of course he did decades later) and lasted for 47 issues, the final being “What If? Loki Had Found the Hammer of Thor?”, which had the trickster god finding and using Mjolnir before Thor. It is this issue that is thought to be a lock in for one of the episodes for this anthology series.

it is speculated that some of the actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe could reprise their roles in the animated series episodes. There is no release date for this series, then again Disney+ is only targeting a late 2019 timeframe for launch, no specific date has been announced yet.

We’ll have to wait to see if this series materializes into reality.

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