DC Adds Another Deathstroke To Its Live-Action Universe

It looks like we’re getting another live-action Deathstroke. Not even counting Lois & Clark or Smallville, Slade Wilson aka. Deathstroke seems to be a very popular character in DC shows. In recent years, a different Deathstrokes appeared on CW‘s Arrow but Slade was played by Manu Bennett. In cinema Deathstroke was portrayed by Joe Manganiello in the post-credit scenes of Justice League. This version was also supposed to get a solo film, but we’re not sure that’s still in the cards.

Now prepare for yet another person to show up as Slade Wilson: Esai Morales. Morales has had roles in such shows as NYPD Blue, Ozark, and Caprica. Morales’ version will appear on the DC Universe streaming service‘s Titans show. This will give Robin (Brenton Thwaites) someone else to say f*ck to in the show’s second season… though we’re not sure when that will be.

Esai Morales

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