‘Attack On Titan’ Season 3 Part 2 Crashes Through In April

Attack on Titan, the popular anime which tells of the battle between the shrinking population of.humanity and the giant Titans, started what appears to be its third and final season last July. That run lasted for 12 episodes and ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger to be continued in a second part the next year.

We’ve known that that second part (which might just be a single concluding episode) would air in Japan in April, but it also seems that it will be coming to the West at the same time. US distributor Funimation tweeted that “it’s going down” on April 28, 2019. It also dropped a new key visual for season 3, part 2.

In a follow up tweet, it’s implied that the episode would be available via its FunimationNow streaming service. It’s unclear if the other streaming service associated with the Titans anime, Crunchyroll, will be streaming the show as well, since the partnership they had with Funimation is over (thanks, Sony). It was stated that currently-airing simulcasts and series that premiered during the partnership would still be available and season 3 started while they were still partners, so… It’s also unknown if Cartoon Network‘s Toonami would be airing the episode.

Here’s a larger version of the season 3, part 2 visual:

Attack on Titan season 3, part 2 visual

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