BKV To Write The Screenplay For The Hollywood ‘Gundam’ Movie

Last Summer Hollywood’s Legendary Pictures and Japanese company Sunrise Inc. announced that Legendary will be bringing a live-action Mobile Suit Gundam, inspired by the mecha anime property birthed in 1979 (40th anniversary this year folks), movie to the big screen. Later that year in December, Brian K. Vaughan known for his comic writing gigs like Runaways, Y the Last Man, and the space-faring Saga, signed on with Legendary to adapt some of his creator-owned work. Well, it looks like it isn’t just his own work he will be writing for, as he has signed on to write the script for Gundam movie.

Little is known about the live-action Hollywood Gundam such as if it will adapt a previous series or be new work/universe. The release date for the film has also not been announced.

Here’s the announcement of the film from Anime Expo 2018:

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