Accidental Aliens Creature Feature Anthology: An Interview With Terry Mayo

The comics collective Accidental Aliens has launched a Kickstarter for their 2019 anthology, with this year’s theme being Creature Feature. I chatted with Alien Terry Mayo regarding his entry in the anthology titled Head of State.

Tim Midura: Head of State opens with a dead President Trump. Can you tell me where you fall on the political spectrum?

Terry Mayo: The Title Character in HEAD of STATE is/was The President of The United States and he definitely has Trump-esque qualities now – but He originally wasn’t modeled after Trump at all. I wrote the outline for Head of State after the Clinton Impeachment in the late 1990’s. It was a fun take on the Zombie Genre that played off the political structure of that time. It sat on a digital shelf and I never expected to revisit it until recently.

I have voted on both sides of the party line. Usually supporting who I feel has my best interest in mind and whose agenda best fits mine. I guess that makes me a textbook Nonpartisan.

Tim Midura: What message are you trying to get across with Head of State?

Terry Mayo: When I wrote this in ’99 It was in response to the political circus surrounding Clinton’s Impeachment and subsequent acquittal. Here we are in 2019 and in the grand scheme of things “politics” haven’t changed much even though the faces and flare sure have. We seem to be living in a “WWE Attitude Era” of politics right now where the more outrageous the outrage – the more airtime that politician gets.

America is STRONGLY divided and partisanship amongst our elected officials is as engrained as ever. The party lines are highlighted perfectly when you watch House / Senate hearings, rarely do votes deviate from their respective party lines.

HEAD of STATE is a commentary on this type of political structure rather than a specific individual.

Tim Midura: You’ve published previously with Alterna. What makes you want to do an independent anthology?

Terry Mayo: I like telling stories! Especially short stories. It’s a great way to hone the writing skills when you’re challenged to fit a complete story in just a few short pages.

Most of my short stories are part of my warm up process and just sit on the digital shelf but when Accidental Aliens approached me about joining them for 2019 I jumped at the chance. They’re all great people and talented creators.

Tim Midura: How did you team up with the art team on Head of State?

Terry Mayo: I met both Thomason and Raphael through social media. They shared their portfolio and I thought their styles matched the feel I was going for. Social Media has been a good source of finding artists for many of my projects.

Tim Midura: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Terry Mayo: I do.

The Wicked Righteous continues from Alterna Comics. The next 6 issue Arc is titled Exodus and starts This March!

Disposable Legends from TPub comics continues this year. It’s a 6 issue limited series with Pencils and Inks by Lucas Romero (The Wicked Righteous) and Colors by Liezel Buenaventura (Stabbity Bunny)

Also this year will see the release of BUDDY! It is like “Milo and Otis meets The Exorcist”… really excited about it. Contract is still drying and we will be announcing the Publisher as soon as they say we can!!

You can get a digital copy of the 2019 Creature Feature anthology for as low as $5 and a physical copy for $15.

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