January’s Comic Sales Start The Year Off Strong

Comichron has released its compiled sales information for comic sales in January 2019 and the report shows a healthy growth year over year. Retailers spent $44.9 million on comics and graphic novels in January 2019, a full $5 million more than the year before.

Year over year, January 2019 saw growth of 15% in comics and 12% in graphic novels in terms of dollars. It wasn’t just a case of higher cover prices either, as overall units were up for comics and graphics too, at 5% and %2, respectively.

As is par for the course recently, Marvel held the top spot in dollars and units, at 39% and 41%, respectively. Of note is that Dark Horse took the fourth spot in dollars, but IDW took fourth in units.

DC and Marvel split the top ten comics by units, with Batman Who Laughs #2 in the top spot. Additionally four new #1s placed in the top ten.

Captain Marvel #1 took the top spot for comics by dollars, overtaking Batman Who Laughs #2. It seems that retailers are getting less of a discount on Captain Marvel #1 compared to Batman Who Laughs #2. Additionally, five new #1s placed in the top ten.

The softcover edition of Dark Nights: Metal took the top spot in graphic novels by units, joined by two other Batman titles in the top ten. Marvel also took five of the top ten spots for graphic novels by units.

Four graphic novels with cover prices of at least $100 placed in the top ten graphic novels by dollars, with Conan The Barbarian Omnibus Vol 1 taking the top spot. Marvel took seven of the top ten spots as well.

Marvel led the pack for releases in January 2019, with 102 comics and 40 graphic novels shipped. DC took the second spot with 87 comics and 31 graphic novels shipped. If the rumor is true that DC is cutting back on titles released, expect them to potentially fall to third.

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